If you haven’t heard about the stunning arrangement of houses in Totterdown, then maybe the mention of the River Avon might ring a bell instead. In any event, this quant, hilly region in Bristol is just about as traditional as they come. Most of the large terraced homes are Victorian in style and the Three Lamps sign has been an iconic emblem of the region, with many people using it as a way to know where they are headed.

What is there to do here?

There’s a huge nightclub scene that has attracted literally thousands of teenagers and those aged between 21 and 35 over the past few years. You might think that this means trouble as a result, but the truth is that this region boasts a very low rate of crime.

There’s also a nearby railway station, making it easy for visitors to get into the township, and once you’re there, there are a dozen bus routes and several cab services hoping to take care of your transport needs. One of the other theories that has many people kicking themselves is the potential site of an Iron Age hill fort believed to be in the area; although it would now have been built over several times in the past few centuries, unfortunately!

And what of the salons?

What do you mean salons? It’s not like we are UK 10 Best or anything. Oh wait… Okay, we’re back on track now. So, let’s share a little information on the salons in that case. There are about 16 altogether that are registered, with a small handful of licensed mobile therapists also offering their services in the region.

As you might have guessed our team have made a point of featuring some of the best of them and you’ll find more info within our listings. Why not head on over and take a look for yourself right now?