The idyllic suburban location of Leigh Woods is one of those areas that can really take you back to your roots. It’s predominantly untouched by human hands outside of the buildings and connective highway – and as its name might suggest, it’s quite the wooded region. The Church of St Mary is one of the most stunning sights that can be seen, but it’s just one of few in the area.

What else is there then?

Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve is one of the largest in the UK and as a result, it’s completely illegal to hunt, trap, or even look at animals in the wrong way. Okay, we’re making the last one up, but who would want to come face to face with a tough reindeer and want to stare it down anyway?

If you’re into shopping then you’ll appreciate the nearby high street, which is dotted with retail outlets, restaurants, bars and sources of entertainment. Throw in the fact that this area is also a short drive away from the coast that looks out across to the Southern part of Wales and you’ll begin to see why so many people consider taking their holidays in this direction.

Are there many hair salons and beauty clinics here?

Yes, plenty. There are some that have developed a reputation amongst the locals as being both reliable and affordable, then there are others that are fairly new by comparison. It all depends on what you’re looking for, what your budget might be and when you’d like to be seen. Some are situated neatly by the main roads, while others may take a bit of searching to find.

Several are quite expensive, but they do typically offer incredible services to compensate for the cost. The majority that we feature are very fairly priced however, so why not take a look at our listings for yourself to see what’s available and how best to get in touch today?