Kingsdown is by far one of the most challenging places to learn about online, because there are about 2.4 million other regions in the UK that share the same name! Just to clarify for you, the one that we are referring to can be found in the centre of Bristol, where the local Cabot Tower memorial can be found. Do you know why that monument is here? No? Well, it’s because John Cabot sailed from a nearby port on his way to discover North America for the modern world.

Is it all about the tower?

Not at all – quite the opposite in fact! Sure, there’s a huge amount of history in the region and much of it relates to Cabot – but that’s only a fraction of the enjoyment to be had in the area. There’s also a ferry that runs to Spike Island, Canon’s Marsh and the famous Whiteladies Road. Each of these smaller sections of the ward of Kingsdown have their own shops and as some of them are situated neatly alongside the river that runs through this region, it can be easy to enjoy a spot of tea at the bedside or take a nice stroll.

For those of you that enjoy shopping you’ll definitely enjoy the variety of modern stores available throughout the region, as well as the more traditional ones that can be found towards the riverfront. The Millennium Square is a sight for sore eyes and if you want to take in as much information as possible on your trip, then we couldn’t recommend the Planetarium any more highly.

But come on UK 10 Best, you promised to tell us about the salons!

And that we will. There are several (or more!) towards the river and even greater numbers the further that you get from the water. Toward Canon’s Wharf are at least two that we can think of that are as affordable as they are appealing, but really there are so many to choose from that you will probably want to reach your own decision.

If you’d like a bit of help to do so however – please, please, please take a look at our listings. We’ve featured some of the best in the area for your enjoyment, so why not dive in and check out what Bristol really has to offer right now?