With a population of under 18,000 inhabitants, a comfortable position in the heart of Bristol and a range of historic, cultural and modern landmarks – Ashley is just one of the thirty five council wards that are present within this region. Although each boasts their own appeal, we happen to think that this one in particular is in a league of its own and if you don’t mind reading a little bit more, then we’d be happy to tell you why.

Is there much to do here?

YES! Okay that was a little too enthusiastic, but for good reason. This region is by far one of the most recently developed in Bristol; with modern shops, a renovated high street and a host of exciting things to see and do. For those of you that are into history, you’ll find the Baptist Mills within driving distance – and this iconic commercial location was once a brass works, then a pottery factory, before becoming one of the most lawless areas in the United Kingdom by the 19th Century!

For those of you that enjoy modern features and facilities you certainly won’t be disappointed. There are a range of shops and retail outlets, some of which are privately owned, but there are also those that are part of larger chains and brands. There are also a lot of restaurants in the area, as well as several bars, cafés and parks. There’s also a pretty great bus service that runs from the early hours until late, so you won’t have to worry about getting around either.

And what about the salons?

Ah the salons. That’s why you’re on our website isn’t it? Great! Well, as Ashley is connected to so many other regions of Bristol (eight in fact), is it any wonder why many consider it a hub for commerce and services? That’s a good thing, because plenty of salons have set up shop in the region. Some are traditional and others are modern, but in any event we’re sure that you’ll find one to suit your needs.

And how can you do this exactly? By checking out our listings of course! We’ve featured some of the best in the area for your convenience, so please feel free to take a look and get in touch if any of them tickle your fancy.