Home Day Spa

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The word spa is a possible acronym of the Latin phrase “Salus Per Aquam” meaning ‘health through water’. The scantily populated town of Spa in Belgium is said to have lent its name to the local mineral water brand Spa which has become a household name today.

The practice of travelling to hot or cold springs for treatment of ailments in the body by bathing dates back to pre-historic times. Images of towel clad ladies and gentlemen lying down in peace and enjoying the essential oils relaxing their senses is a captivating sight. A spa treatment is something we swear by yet shy away sometimes due to the expensive options dished out by various outlets. With the advent of home spa, we no longer have to look beyond our own homes for enjoying a day getting pampered right in our homes. Inexpensive DIY methods available for making scintillating home spas have been the rage for quite some time now. Here’s our perfect DIY quick home spa plan for the weekend.

1. Getting the ambience right – It’s time to get the environment in tune with your intentions. Get into a light bathrobe with a room freshened up by an aromatic incense stick. Lilting music and dim lights go well with what we want to indulge into and the mind slowly slips into a peaceful mode ready to be pampered.

2. Hair oil treatment to kick off the indulgence – Sesame (half cup) and sweet almond oil (one cup) teamed up with lavender (five drops) can be applied to your hair while you are in the course of your bath. A gentle and warm massaging of your hair can be followed with wrapping your hair in a towel for as long as you feel like. Shampoo after rinsing and top it up with a pleasant conditioner.

3. The facial making you feel like heaven – Pick some herbs and turn on the gas as you boil a mix of herbs like mint, lemongrass, parsley, rose petals, and so on. Pour the concoction into a larger vessel of hot water and bend over it with a towel covering your head and the vessel creating a mini enclosure. Enjoy the steam tearing apart any facial tension as it streams across your visage leaving it clean and refreshed. Post-this, apply a mask that suits your skin to settle down into a peaceful state and get ready for a relaxing pedicure.

4. In-house pedicure to get your feet ready – Now that the steamy facial has relaxed you completely, it’s time for your feet to get pampered. Ready a pool of hot water at a comfortable temperature and throw in some essential oils, gooseberry extract and shampoo to lighten the solution. Soak your feet in it for hours together as you lie down and laze through the liberating experience. A nice movie to help you truly enjoy the process is just what the doctor ordered. While you are at it, give your gut some pampering too with a minty lemon drink to stay refreshed.

You no longer have to splurge to get the benefits of a spa. Follow these steps for some pampering for yourself in the comfort of your house.