Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal
What price do you pay for silky smooth skin? The stickiness of waxing, messiness of shaving or the plain physical abuse of threading; and to top it all, this has to be repeated time and again. Laser hair removal is a much simpler and more effective way of achieving the desired smooth skin. Though not everyone is open about the idea of allowing a laser beam penetrate their delicate skin, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. And truth be told, it isn’t even that painful. The pain is just as much as a rubber band hitting your skin. Sounds so much better than waxing, doesn’t it?
There is a list of benefits of laser hair removal that has made it a popular choice for the removal of unwanted hair today.

A permanent solution

Laser offers a more permanent solution to hair removal. Laser hair removal kills the hair at the root so that hair cannot regrow. Some regrowth will be seen but that is usually fixed in the next few sittings of this procedure. Laser hair removal is a very effective procedure and most of the people who have undergone it have found long-lasting effects in hair removal.


The next advantage is the speed. The pulse that kills the hair follicles lasts for a second and an area of about 5–6 cms can be covered in a second. Smaller areas of the body like the face can be covered within 15 minutes. The larger areas such as the back or legs can be done in an hour. Laser hair removal can be carried out on any part of the body.

Less pain

It is generally less painful than other procedures such as waxing, plucking or electrolysis. Most women swear that the convenience and longevity of this procedure makes it a lot more desirable than other procedures.

If laser hair removal is done in a reputed clinic with proper clinicians, the chances of any complications or side effects are greatly reduced. Thus, it is a relatively safe procedure to undergo. Some redness can occur in very sensitive areas but they go back to normal in a few hours. Make sure that you have checked the clinician’s credentials before proceeding with any kind of treatment.

Precision is also a major benefit of laser hair removal. The laser targets the dark coarse hair anywhere on the body but the surrounding skin remains untouched and unaffected. Thus, it is very precise and will remove only the unwanted hair whereas the rest of the body will remain healthy.

For those of you who love skirts and dresses and want to show off your gorgeous smooth legs everyday, this is the perfect choice. No hassles of daily shaving, no rushing around for that monthly waxing appointment. A few sittings at the clinic and you can wear whatever you want to whenever you want to without having to ever think twice. However, make sure that you consult the experts on the various pros and cons of undergoing this treatment beforehand.